RKMC Agileocity

Changing the Delivery State of Mind

RKMC’s Agileocity practice will provide any technology driven development organization with the appropriate personnel, guiding principles and processes to aid in the successful delivery of all enterprise applications.

Agileocity strives to make available the most skilled Agile-Centric professionals to help our clients succeed with savings in cost, time, increased system performance and more open communication across their organization.

What is Agileocity?

The need for an Agile Capability came to be organically – as we met with clients and industry leaders, we realized that the failure rate of IT projects were on the rise. Many organizations needed a way to fix this re-occurring, cost-driving issue.

Our solution was Agileocity – utilizing Agile by approaching large development projects with an Iterative Approach, focusing on self-collaborating and cross-functional teams where client interaction was consistent, changes were easily incorporated and feedback loops were continuously open. Ultimately gaining an increase in velocity in every iteration.

We set out on a mission to cater to client’s IT project delivery issues by changing the philosophy and method by which results were delivered. We provided industry experts, well versed in both Agile and Technology, to turn troubled projects around and successfully complete the work by reaching the Vision.

As an organization, we also strive to be nimble, self-collaborative and ‘Agile’. We trust this process to the extent that we successfully have been using Agile in our day-to-day activities internally as well as in our project delivery methods.

Would you like to know how Agileocity can help you and your organization?

Benefits of Agile

The benefits of Agile are countless, from having a self-collaborative and responsible team to the constant interaction and understanding between the Technology and Business sides of an organization. However, the most but most important is adaptability and successful delivery of the vision.

An overwhelming majority of executives (88%) cite organizational agility as key to global success.
- The Economist Magazine

Agile firms grow revenue 37% faster and generate 30% higher profits than non-Agile firms.
- MIT Research

Agile vs Waterfall

Agile projects are successful three times more often than non-agile projects, according to the 2011 CHAOS report from the Standish Group. Furthermore, the report mentions:

“The agile process is the universal remedy for software development project failure. Software applications developed through the agile process have three times the success rate of the traditional waterfall method and a much lower percentage of time and cost overruns.” (page 25)

The Standish Group defines project success as on time, on budget, and with all planned features. They did not report the number of projects in their database but say that results are from projects conducted from 2002 - 2010. The following illustration exemplifies the reported results.

Agileocity Practices

  • Focus on the Vision: Concentrate on what is needed and on the value that is consistently and continuously delivered (and measured).
  • Use Pair Programming: Have two programmers work together at one work station to complete coding exercises more efficiently, with better design and less defects overall.
  • Complete Test Driven Development: Write a minimal amount of code to meet the requirements of the test case and refactor this code to acceptable standards, greatly limiting the amount of defects found in code.
  • Provide Constant Feed-Back Loops: Aim to continuously communicate and collaborate with stakeholders resulting in increased productivity.
  • Deliver Efficiently: Breakdown work into tasks to be completed within time-boxed iterations (sprints/releases), increasing Speed to Market as frequent releases occur.
  • Respond to Change: Easily adapt to changing business needs without focusing on documentation or a plan.
  • Reduction in Defects: Ensure an overall reduction in defects, which can be found earlier and fixed more cost effectively.
  • Constant Improvement: Understand what works best for an organization and improve on this with open communication through time and practice.

Why Agileocity

We listen and work to understand your needs, desires and vision.

We bring in our industry experts to understand your business needs as well as identify your pain points. We work with you to put together a plan to reach your desired goals. We bring in our team of technically qualified resources, who are all well-versed in Agile, to work on maximizing the efficiency of your IT operations. Our focus is to provide value to the business and respond to today’s environment of rapidly changing business conditions. We partner with our clients to build a solid foundation.

We believe in the main philosophies of Agile and we practice this by completing:

Since we do understand that there is no ‘formula’ that consistently works in successfully implementing Agile from organization to organization, we take the time to adapt Agile to your organization’s needs.

We have the right team of qualified resources to understand the need, work together effectively, and adapt accordingly to make Agile work for you. By understanding your organizational needs, we can identify what works and improve this through the iterations that we complete.

Every resource from RKMC is committed to our client’s success by practicing Agile Values tailored to our client’s needs. This commitment only continues to grow day by day.

We don’t just practice Agile, we are Agile….

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