Contingent Labor Services

Can we help you optimize your contingent workforce processes?

As organizations continue to grow and progress, it results in internal teams taking on additional burden and liability. Our goal is to minimize that burden and enable your staff to concentrate on your business. RKMC’s Contingent Labor Services streamlines your Workforce Management Processes through our Managed Services Provider (MSP) and Payor Services offerings. As recruitment outsourcing specialists, our advantage is in partnering with your organization and aligning our goals with your business objectives around contingent workforce recruitment, on-boarding and payment. We can customize our solutions to best complement your organization and needs, which can improve talent quality along with providing a time and cost savings reducing your overall risk.

Within our Contingent Labor Services offering, we strive to develop a strong relationship with the candidate, vendor as well as the client. Specializing in Staff Augmentation, we know the relationship and trust we build with our candidates and vendors is instrumental in ensuring our client’s success. Understanding each candidate’s unique skill and background allows us to find them the right role where they are engaged and motivated. It is these types of committed resources that help our client’s succeed as thought leaders and innovators.

Managed Services Provider (MSP):

As your Managed Service Provider (MSP), we partner with your organization to minimize the time and effort required in managing your contingent labor needs. We offer comprehensive services that include building a strategy around your long term workforce needs, understanding the culture of your organization, working closely with Hiring Managers and HR, qualifying temporary positions, taking care of supplier relationships, reporting and working with your existing Vendor Management Solution (VMS) or introducing other comprehensive tools. We will provide you with professionals based upon your unique needs that will become an extension of your own team. We will work to manage your relationships and ensure you have access to the best talent in the market at competitive rates, with minimal effort from your organization, exceeding your expectations every day.

Payor Services:

As an extension of our MSP services or as a standalone offering, RKMC is equipped at managing all invoicing and payment responsibilities as a Managed Payor Service Provider. RKMC will put a knowledgeable and efficient team in place to handle all invoicing and payments associated to Contingent Workforce compensation, eliminating the time and liability associated with this work. RKMC’s Payor services ensure time and expense entry is approved and completed in a timely manner, billing and invoicing for each resource is done correctly and payments are made efficiently to each vendor.  We will also work closely with each contractor and vendor to help resolve any issues that may arise. We have a simple process to deliver solid results, eliminating the need to have dedicated resources handle this work and allowing them to focus on your organization.