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At RKMC, we help organizations achieve a competitive advantage in technology initiatives by focusing on the people and processes key to optimization and success.

 Our goal is to be an asset and partner to our client…not just a supplier.

Here's how we can work together:​


With a competitive marketplace and changing business needs, one of the biggest challenges faced by organizations in recruiting and retaining strong technology talent. At RKMC, our Talent-as-a-Service (TaaS) provides clients with valuable resources for all their hiring needs.

For the past 30 years, we have stood out in the marketplace because of our ability to recruit and retain the best of the best in technology. As technologists ourselves, we have an advantage that other agencies lack in understanding our client’s initiatives, technical needs, and business needs and being able to match that perfectly with talent. This allows us to become an extension of our client and a long-term value asset.

IT Security

Sensitive business data is more vulnerable than ever. In order to meet today’s critical compliance and regulatory requirements, organizations must take precautionary measures to secure data across all networks.

RKMC’s IT Security services aim to improve the agility, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of NextGen needs in Information Security and Compliance while ensuring a holistic risk-driven approach to security.

We specialize in:

“I can always count on RKMC to go above and beyond. They value our business, understand our strategic objectives and work to delivery high quality technical talent that is a well-rounded match to our needs.”

Agile Software Development

As we met with clients and industry leaders, we realized that the failure rate of IT projects was on the rise. Many organizations needed a way to fix this re-occurring, costly issue.

At RKMC we offer an agile-centric resource to aid clients in completing software development initiatives more efficiently and effectively and with less cost! Our experts have a passion for the agile framework and approach large development projects using iterative development and a focus on self-collaborating and cross-functional teams. Client’s are an integral part of the process, so feedback loops are continuously open. Our formula translates to efficient and collaborative technical teams and success for our clients.

We work to deliver this capability in the following areas:

Enterprise Transformation

Adapting to change and efficiency are key success factors for organizations looking to stay ahead in today’s competitive marketplace.

At RKMC, the mission of our Enterprise Transformation Practice is to align an organization’s activities relating to people, processes, and technology more closely with their business strategy and vision. Our Enterprise Transformation experts aid organizations in staying competitive in a constantly changing environment.

Our expertise spans all aspects of integration, including:

“RKMC is one of our most valued suppliers. All of their candidates are highly skilled, and come with the right experience and mindset to help our teams succeed.”

Information Management

Organizations that are quick to adapt to issues affecting their performance, bottom-line, and long-term viability by making educated decisions, are the ones that thrive. This requires access to business-critical, real-time data to make important, and sometimes timesensitive, business decisions. Leveraging Business Intelligence products to gain visibility and transparency into the data stored improves decision-making capabilities and allows educated decisions to be made.

RKMC offers on-demand support services for information management. Our Data Warehouse and BI Support Service model is focused on one key principle: expertise on demand. Having access to the combined expert knowledge of several industry-leading SMEs provides a significant advantage over-relying on the limited experience of a few individuals.

RKMC’s Information Management offering can assist in the areas of:

Contingent Labor Services

Organizational growth often results in internal teams taking on additional burden and liability. At RKMC, our goal is to minimize that burden and enable your staff to concentrate on your business.

Our Contingent Labor Services streamline your Workforce Management Processes through our Managed Services Provider (MSP) and Payor Services offerings. As recruitment outsourcing specialists, we partner with your organization and align our goals with your business objectives around contingent workforce recruitment, onboarding, and payment.

We can customize our solutions to best complement your organization and needs, which can improve talent quality and provide time and cost savings, which reduces your overall risk.